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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the technical requirements?
Vizmo is cloud based software, you don’t need to install anything. You access the Vizmo dashboard in a web browser and use tablets to show the sign in terminal. You need an iPad2 or newer running the latest operating system version.
What is a loaction?
What is a location? A location is a fixed address where you will setup your terminals. A single location can have one or many terminals. If you are a large organisation with multiple distributed offices, you will pay a license fee (monthly) for each location you need to setup terminals.
Are there any hidden fees?
Your Vizmo account has a flat yearly fee plus costs associated with your usage. There are no additional fees. Annual subscriptions are an agreement between you and Vizmo, you will not be charged any additional fees based on your negotiated usage, we account for this when customizing your plan.
How does the 14 days trail work?
When you sign up for Vizmo you are entitled to a 14 day free trial. This gives you access to all the features of our standard account just as if you had a paid subscription. If you need an extension of your trial for evaluation purposes contact us to discuss.
What is a User?
Users are people in your organisation that need to receive visitors. A User could be a person or a department. A standard account includes 10 User slots, each additional slot will attract a minor fee towards your monthly subscription.
What happens if I go above my plan?
Your Vizmo dashboard will show you the current usage level. If you go over your plan we will send you an email to see if we can customize a solution for you. There are no automatic charges to your account so you have some time to see if you need to increase your plan to a custom subscription.
What is a Visitor?
Visitors are people who arrive at your organisation as guests for meetings with Users or events etc. Simply put, a visitor is someone who is not part of your organisation who needs to register their arrival.
Are there any contracts?
We do not have contracts for any of our subscriptions. You can cancel any time during a billing period. Annual customers who cancel their account will forfeit any payment made for that subscription period. When you sign up you agree to our Terms of Service but there is no official contract to use Go Reception.