ipad with vizmo installed

Self Check-in

With Vizmo, your Visitors can say goodbye to the logbook with a sleek touchscreen interface that is intuitive and easy-to-use.

Enables walk-in Visitors to digitally register their information themselves without having to wait for the receptionist.

ipad with goose neck stand

Stylish Hardware

The goose neck stand is both stylish and flexible. The stand securely holds the iPad in place, whilst being easily adjustable for that perfect photo angle.

We’ll set you up with the whole kit: the sleek Apple® iPad, a state-of- the-art Brother® badge printer and a stylish stand.

instant notification

Instant Notifications

Vizmo sends automatic visitor notifications to the host via SMS and email alerting them of their visitor arrival.

cloud dashboard

Cloud Dashboard

With the cloud enabled dashboard,your data is always safe & secure, come natural disaster or equipment loss and even administrators can rest easy knowing that all visitor information is immediately stored on a digital visitor log that you can access from anywhere in the world.

Badge printing

Vizmo automatically prints visitor badges and contribute to security by letting you know at a glance who’s in your office

NDA agreement

Work your rules, the way you want. Protect your assets by putting forth your terms and conditions and get it signed by the visitors

Visitor photos

For security reasons, Vizmo automatically captures the picture of every visitor to your facility and store them securely with the visitor data in the cloud for easy retrieval

Easy returning visitor options

Vizmo makes the registration of any repeat visitor very simple. Any repeat visitor can register by simply entering their contact number in the Vizmo app .

Multiple locations

Whether you have have multiple departments or office locations, our Dashboard synchronizes information across all check-in terminals and allows for centralized online management.

Custom check-in flow

You may have different types of visitor to your office and they don’t all need to go through the same check-in process. you can customize the data fields based on the type of visitor your requirement and thus giving a good reception experience for each visitor who comes to your office.

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